Little Cry of the Abyss


i truly dont care why orlando bloom punched justin bieber i’m just glad it happened. someone had to do it eventually


tbh a lot of jokes on tumblr that start out funny get rly annoying after a while but none pizza with left beef hasn’t gotten any less funny in like two years and I’m not sure why

I was also tagged today by himitzu148!!!

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why do they always showcase ‘bullies’ in cartoons as being some punk with a mohawk like

when was the last time you saw a cool guy in a leather jacket not minding his own business it’s usually some basic asshole in a graphic tee that has something to say

(Just as an fyi I won’t be retagging people because I’m horrid at thinking up questions like I tried I promise I did but I drew a blank)

Rule one: Always post the rules
Rule two: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones.
Rule three: Tag 11 people and link them to the post
Rule four: Actually tell them you

Doing the questions first for when I was tagged by underwaterlisa

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okay i should do those 2 things i got tagged in today

yeah that it

(with face blacked out cause im not putting on makeup it is 11PM)

oh did i mention i bought a wig (super cheap) just for casual wear

whether or not my mom will ever allow that tho is a totally different storylol